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My fascination with clay started when I saw ancient Mediterranean transport amphorae in my childhood in Lebanon. A few years ago I attended ceramics classes at San Jose City College and it has been a continuous pursuit to understand and replicate the form and function of these vessels. I enjoy experimenting with forms and continue to be inspired by historical objects which have survived the test of time.

Some of my inspirations are artists like Lucie Rie, Hans Coper, Shozo Michikawa, Hsin-Chuen Lin, Setsuro Shibata, and the many artists and makers who lived in antiquity.

I teach at Higher Fire Clay Space in San Jose and enjoy introducing others to the joys of clay.

My logo reflects my feelings about clay- about its permanence and ever lasting nature. I hope you enjoy my work.

Photo source: Monakhov, S.Iu.; Rogov, E.Ia. "Amphoras of the Panskoe I Necropolis [Amfory nekropolia Panskoe I]" AMA 7 (1990) 128--153.

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